Monday, August 29, 2005

What's in a name?

Daniel Smith. That's me. Daniel Smith. Most of you visiting here know that, of course. But I have yet to reveal all of my other interests to you besides blogging and poker. Behold...

This, and this, and this, and THIS, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and...WHOOPS! Almost forgot about this.

By typing in my name into Google (with quotes around), you get 207,000 results. Upon seeing that, I had two thoughts:
  1. Boy, do I get around.
  2. I wish parents would stop naming their kids after me.
  3. My Evil plan to take over the world with Evil, different-looking doppelgangers is coming to it's slow, Evil conclusion.
  4. I'm tired.
  5. Yes, I know I said two thoughts, and this is number five. But as I put down those two thoughts, I had two more afterwards, and of course explaining the previous four thoughts is a thought in and of itself. Deal with it.

I am, inbetween my time writing at this blog, a wildlife photographer, a K-9 police officer, an architect, a baseball player, an MD, an angler, a master of fancy writing fonts, a retired general, an active colonel, a soccer player, a basoonist, an angler (but, apparently, a different angler than the previous one), run an art supply, a law firm, and have about 20 PhD's.

I didn't find the real me until page 16 of the search, which turned out to be my Blogger profile. At page 75, I hadn't seen one reference to this blog. After going through about 30 seconds of extreme depression laced with wild thoughts of campaigning to win the Nobel Peace Prize and thus trump the other Daniel Smiths in popularity, I realized something...

My name is not on my blog.

Yes, yes, it's in my blog, in a sense -- But it's smashed together there with a "j" in the middle, so that doesn't count. I have my first name in a couple of different places, but not with my last name.

How could I experiment searching for my blog with my first and last name, when my first and last name don't appear anywhere on my blog together? Talk about self-defeating.

The things that one does when one is bored at work.


Anonymous said...

i found you a new daniel smith.


Daniel said...

Wow, thanks, another Daniel Smith. I loved this quote from him...

"Injustice makes me really angry, as does unnecessary stupidity."

We may as well be doppelgangers -- unnecessary stupidity makes me really angry as well. But necessary stupidity is okay, of course...whatever it is that necessary stupidity is, exactly.