Monday, August 29, 2005

Well, I'm impressed

Matt Cain, he trow da ball real good an' stuff.

I was off by a wee bit on my prediction about Cain's line: 5 innings/3 hits/2 runs/4 bb/2 k's in a 2-1 loss to the Rockies.

Bit short on the innings (I said 6.2), way high on the hits allowed (I said 9), bit short on the runs (I said 2), dead-on on the walks (I said 4), and way short on the k's (I said 8).

But that's just fine, because I saw what I wanted to see: potential.

He held down the Rockies without his best stuff (he had particular trouble with the slider), and I'm sure there will be a little talk about his pitch selection before the next time he goes out, but overall, I'm impressed.

But you know who I'm even more impressed by at this moment? Jeremy Accardo. I'm trying to figure out how he has an ERA as high as 4.22 with the kind of numbers he's putting up: 21.1 innings/18 hits/ 4 bb/ 10 k's. He pitched 16 pitches last night, and 15 of 'em were strikes. As he gets more experience, I expect those strikeout totals to go up -- did any of you see the changeup he used to record his strikeout last night?

It was mo' stanky than 50 fat football players after playin' four hours in a sewer.

It's just too bad that the Giants are averaging 3.3 runs a game since the All-Star break, but couldn't even manage to hit their average last night. It seems like they can't get anymore than a couple of guys to hit every night, and they're on some kind of rotation so nobody is actually in a slump.

But they could go on a run anyday now!


Dan said...

Considering that the Rockies were sitting on Cain's fastball the entire time, I think his start was pretty damn good. Now if we could only combine Lowry's change and that fastball....

And the blown 3rd strike is karma balancing for the blown pickoff call on Winn.

Daniel said...

Yes, the Rockies knew he didn't have much with the slider early on, and may have sensed that the kid wanted to blow them away -- did you see Holliday after his hard hit single (that came after the home run)? He was shaking his head on 1st base with this expression that kind of said, "That kid's still trying to blow me away with fastballs after that home run I hit? Unbelievable."