Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I'd talk about the game last night, if it wasn't for the fact that I don't really want to talk about the game last night.

But hey, for nostalgic, classic O&B article, check out this old rant on Jason Christiansen that I wrote way back in March.

A Rant on Christiansen, by Daniel Smith

To touch on other things...

  • Hey, who runs the advertising/marketing division of Chrysler nowadays? They have a brilliant ad campaign going right now with Lee Iacocca, former chairman of the automobile manufacturer. Only problem's already been done. Back in the 80's. Bunch o' sharp tools in that shed. Bring back an old, boring figurehead that none of the young, new carbuyers will even recognize, don't explain who he is, and then hope that it will sell some cars if you throw in Snoop Dogg into one of the commercials (that golf cart sittin' on chrome was kinda nice, though).
  • Cute little fluff article on about Julio Franco, who turned 47 yesterday. I think what Franco is doing is amazing, but...well, makes me wonder. How is it that players like him and Steve Finley seem to have avoided any steroid talk? I mean, here are players in their 40's still playing at a high level (well, Finley was doing that as recently as last year), and yet no talk, no accusations? Finley had a pretty big power spike last year at 40 years old, but I don't see him talked about much. Franco is 47, five years older than Bonds, and by all accounts, he's muscled like a housewife's fantasy. Don't get me wrong -- I'd rather there be no talk about these guys, because there isn't any concrete proof that they've done these things or how much it could've helped them, just like Barry Bonds. But things like this bring to light just how much of a witch-hunt people are on in regards to's all about the home runs and the attitude. Finley and Franco aren't threatening any hallowed records, and haven't offended a slew of media guys, so they are exempt.
  • This was about the funniest thing I've ever read.

If Todd Linden doesn't start tonight, tomorrow will be Rip-A-Manager/GM Day here at O&B Baseball. Just so you are forewarned...also, relating to Jason Christiansen to Brett Tomko, I had an anonymous suggestion that I start a campaign to jettison both of those worthies to the abyss. With Christiansen, there can be no doubt. Tomko, I'll have to consider for some several moments before deciding.

Keep an eye on that thar sidebar...which you should be doing anyway. We're up to 61 days since the "Brain" Sabean should've let As-Useful-On-The-Ballfield-As-A-Douchebag-Is-To-A-Man Alex Sanchez go. Sanchez is at Fresno, wasting somebody's time and energy, still drawing a paycheck from this organization.

Shame 'bout that.

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