Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yeah, I'd like to order the Five Run 8th Inning, please?

Hey, a win! STUPENDOUS.

Far be it from me to say too much negative about a game that I did not see...wait, did I ever let that stop me before?

Well, besides saving the Giants from ultra-utter embarrassment (settling for sheepish embarrassment instead), the Giants five-run 8th inning earlier today was their second such inning in the last week, each one proving essential in providing the Giants with one of those elusive 23rd letters of the alphabet.

The first one was against Milwaukee here, on July 29th.

The second was today against Colorado here, on August 4th.

Since narrowly missing (actually, being robbed of the opportunity to try for) a sweep against the Dodgers on July 14th through July 17th, the Giants are 6-10. Two of those victories have come courtesy of that oh-so-common five-run 8th inning the Giants specialize in.

Dip me in greased owl fecal matter and call me pessimistic (wait, just call me pessimistic, nevermind the owl shit), but I don't think we ought to count on too many more five-run 8th innings to bail our beloved Giants out of games they ought to lose.

Then again, perhaps they're make-up games for the umpires robbing the Giants of that 3rd game in the last Dodgers series, the Jason Phillips I-Can't-Believe-That-Was-Called-A-Check-Swing game.

Or, better yet, perhaps I'm just antsy to head home from work with still about 30 minutes left to go, and just looking for stuff to talk about. Oh, and being slightly pissed that I saw two of the three Giants games vs. the Rockies, and of course the only game I miss is the game they win. Yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm onta somthin' thar.

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