Thursday, August 18, 2005

I could get used to this...

Winning, that is. Wrote this bit yesterday:

Noah Lowry on the hill today -- I wouldn't mind seeing a damper put on that Big Red Machine. We'll see if some changeups can slow those guys down.

And the kid delivered, too, on the mound and again at the plate. 3-2, Giants over the Reds.

Quick hits:
  • Winn again. From now on, until he has a good game that follows a couple/few poor games or something, that's all I'm going to say. I feel compelled to say something since they guy keeps putting out multiple hit games with extra-base hits, but...oh, well. A 2 for 5 day with a double for Winn. Ho-hum.
  • Ah, now here's something I can sink my teeth into: Todd Linden. Well, not sink my teeth into Linden, because that'd be kind of cannabalistic, or perhaps a bit gay. Sink my teeth into the topic, that is. Ahem. Linden had a three-hit game yesterday, and...wait for it...another game with no strikeouts! All the numbers keep creeping upwards, and he's looking comfy in RF, too. Again, what does the "Brain" Sabean do if Linden stays hot and ends up putting up great numbers by season's end? He'd only have, at best, about 200 at-bats, so Sabes wouldn't be able to really trust any breakouts because of small sample size. But although it's a bit cold, he should, at least, keep an eye on Moises Alou's early season performance -- if it seems for some reason that Moises has hit the end of the line (and this is all assuming the Giants are more competitive next season), then Sabes cannot be afraid to play Linden more. Doubt if that'll happen unless Alou gets hurt, but it's what he should do.
  • Seems obvious that the team is going back to platooning J.T. Snow and Lance Niekro. Snow had only seven starts in 16 games from July 22nd to August 9th, but now has started six of the last eight games. I'm not sure what precipitated this, exactly (perhaps because Snow got hot for a little while), because Niekro's numbers during that July 22nd to August 9th timeframe didn't really change much, but during the last eight games in a part-time role, however, Niekro is 0 for 13 at the plate and his numbers have dropped -- which, I'm sure, will be seen as a justification for Snow's continued play. But it'd sure be nice to make a plan and stick to it, because I thought that Niekro was going to get the lion's share of the time at 1st the rest of the season.
  • I mention the above simply because while it seems right now that Snow won't be asked back next season, if he happens to play most of the rest of the year and hits well, I don't see them not asking Snow back. It's just too easy to see coming. Sabean just loves late season, crunch-time hot streaks...even if it isn't really crunch-time because the Giants are out of it. But as long as there's the perception that there's a chance, then any better-than-normal production by any player will lock them down a roster spot on this team next season.

Already in today's game, Brett Tomko has given up two runs against the Reds on yet another Ken Griffey, Jr. home run (will somebody kneecap this guy already?). Fortunately, the going-to-be-resigned-next-season J.T. Snow (I'm just going to call it now) has homered to cut the lead in half. 2-1 Reds in the 4th.

UPDATEUS CURRENTUS: The Giants are hitting again! Wait, no they're not. Todd Linden is hitting, and J.T. Snow is hitting. 4-1 Reds, on the strength of two two-run homers by Griffey and Juan Encarnacion (edit: I was thinking of Edwin Encarnacion of the Reds, but he wasn't even the one who hit that 2nd homer -- it was Felipe Lopez. Thanks to Nick from Giants Cove for the correction). I think I'd get more chicks if I had a smooth name like Juan Encarnacion instead of...Daniel Smith. My name lacks a little style, a little impact, ya know?

UPDATEUS SECONDUS: Well, there went the sweep. It was setup in the 9th -- Linden got another hit and Michael Tucker drew a walk with no outs, but then Father Alou went with Edgardo Alfonzo and Deivi Cruz as pinch-hitters, consecutively, and they both struck out. Randy Winn had a day off from playing superhero and ground out to end the game.

Didn't Felipe see that the best hitter remaining on his bench was Noah Lowry? And if you think I'm kidding aobut that,'re right. Kind of.


Pops said...

Its not the NAME that needs to be smoother. If you wants to get more girls, remember its the PLAYER, not the GAME...uh, name.

Daniel said...

Yeah, Pops, that's great coming from the guy that is the cause of my brother and I having the same damned middle name.

I ought to make that an entry so the entire world can know how you dropped the ball when the nurse asked you for a middle name. You could've given me a cool MIDDLE name, at least.

(rackin, frackin, grumblesnitz)

Nick Cannata-Bowman said...

I'd hate to put a damper on such a good name like Juan Encarnacion, but isn't he on the Marlins? I think Felipe Lopez was the other 2 run homer for the Reds, but I too wish my name was Juan Encarnacion. Nick Cannata-Bowman doesn't have much of a ring to it either.

Daniel said...

You know what? I was thinking that Edwin Encarnacion hit the home run, not Lopez, and then I substituted Juan Encarnacion's first name for Edwin's.

Sheesh. Must have been the fault of all these CARIBBEAN NAMES!

Or, more like, my fingers getting ahead of my brain. Thanks Nick.