Monday, August 15, 2005

I thought I told you guys to score...oh, okay. Nevermind.

This series could be very, very ugly.

The Reds. At home. Where the ball flies all over the place.

Kevin Correia chooses very quickly to show us all what's good and what's bad about him. First two hitters of the game? Struck 'em out. Next two hitters? Home runs. And while those two home run hitters were Ken Griffey, Jr. and Adam Dunn, powerful hitters both, Correia promptly gave up a double off the wall to Sean Casey, who isn't nearly as powerful as the other two.

And the Giants...well, all they did was load the bases with one out in the 1st inning, then strike out two consecutive times to end the inning with a whimper.

See? That's the lesson here -- if you are going to make some offensive noise and strike out twice in an inning, it's best to get the two strikeouts out of the way first.

Giants, Giants -- if lose another series you must, at least put up some runs and make it worth watching. If the Giants can't score runs in this ballpark against this pitching staff, it's going to be a very long rest of the season.

Aaron Harang has now struck out four Giants in a row. They're making him look like Superman.

(insert wordless cry of frustration and anguish here)

UPDATE: The End is upon us -- Pedro Feliz has drawn two walks in his first two plate appearances. Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here!

Ah, nevermind. It doesn't mean anything.

UPDATE (part deux): Okay, I told 'em to score, and that they did. Randy Winn goes deep again, and...Todd Linden. You just don't know how happy that makes me, that Linden was able to smack one out of the park. Hopefully he can build some confidence from that -- I really, really want to see this guy translate some of that Fresno hitting to the bigs. I was typing, Winn hits a double and the Giants have more runners on with only one out -- they are consistently putting men on base, so that does indeed bode well for their scoring chances.

Mmmmmmm, runs.

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