Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Quick apology

I was playing fast and loose with some of my terminology to prove a point, and I have been called out on it.

The difference between an "average" player and a "replacement-level" player, over the course of a full season of play, is a fairly large one. For those of you that have heard me use the term VORP before (Value Over Replacement Player) and didn't know what it meant, it essentially uses statistics to determine a specific players value over a replacement-level player -- who, by type, usually is a fill-in kind of player (you're AAA callups subbing for an injured player, a journeyman bench player, etc.).

If Randy Winn was replacment level, his VORP would be zero. Currently his VORP is at 13.2, which is obviously not zero -- Winn carries a certain amount of value, and the value over an actual replacement-level player is considerable.

However, my use of the term in regards to how much he could help the Giants was more to show how little impact he could have over the course of the rest of the season in comparison to what they already had (specifically Jason Ellison, who is currently running a VORP of a little above 8.0).

While I stand by my opinion of the value Winn adds over the remainder of the Giants season (very little), my use of the term "replacement-level" along with Winn was incorrect, and for that I apologize.

Thanks to Doug and Joe for calling me out on my loose usage of the term. Admittedly, I was using the term to create an image of near-zero value for Winn in respect to the value he'll add to this team this year, but as a sort of quasi-writer, I should've known better.


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