Thursday, August 04, 2005


The Giants are only...or, if you prefer, the Giants are "only"...6.5 games behind the San Diego Padres for the lead in the NL West.

The Giants, after last night's 3-2 loss to the Rockies, are only 6.0 games ahead of the Colorado Rockies for dead last in the NL West.

Yes, they are as close to last as they are to first.

Really...and I mean, really, if anyone wants to still tell me how the Giants have a shot at this division, sad as it is, after dropping the 2nd of three games to the worst team in the National League while at home, leave it in the comments section.

I could use a good laugh.

If they can't even win a series vs. the Rockies at home, what in the name of Snuffuluffugus are the Giants going to do against the Astros, Mets, Phillies, and the Reds (while on the road)? Their offense is getting shut down by Jamey Wright and Byung-Hyun Kim for crying out loud.

I think I need to go...I dunno, breathe and blink for a few days in a remote portion of Siberia, spend a week or so looking for water in the middle of Australia, perhaps searching for cacti at the top of Mt. Everest -- something more meaningful than watching Giants baseball, you know?

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