Sunday, August 14, 2005

Goodbye, Woody

You gave us all you had, and made more out of it than any other player I've seen. There was no way you should've had the success you had, but the fact that you did have it is a testament to your intelligence and willpower.

Good luck in anything you do. You were a good Giant -- in many ways, one of the best Giants.

Kirk Rueter's statistics.


Anonymous said...
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Daniel said...

Sorry to be a tyrant, but the first comment was a naked attempt to use the site to plug a "free software company". If anyone wants a plug to their site, drop me an e-mail. Otherwise, unauthorized ads in my comments section will be treated with extreme prejudiced.

(flexes muscle)

Kevin said...

Good post, Daniel. You've gotta admire dudes like Kirk Rueter who get the very most out of what little ability God gave them.

Happy trails, Woody. I hear the Yankees are desperate for starting pitching...