Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stuff - just for the stuff of it

Things I didn't cover in my earlier post:

  • I've found a way to encapsulate my...discomfort...with the Randy Winn acquisition. Randy Winn's statistics and defensive abilities are fairly similar to an outfielder on my other fave team: the Royals. Who is that guy? Why, none other than Terrence Long, of course. Don't believe me? Take a look at Winn, then take a look at Long. No, not the same, but close enough -- and nobody wanted Long in a trade, even though it was well known the Royals would pick up a good chunk of his salary. How would you all have felt if Sabean traded for Long? Now do you get an idea of why I'm...uncomfortable...with this?
  • Son Alou is gimpy. They can't DL him, but they have to DL him. He cost the Giants a run last night with his refusal to stretch it out yesterday on a run home from 3rd base, and there ain't no DH in the National League. So, although it'll kill the Giants chances for a run at 1st in the West even more than before, it has to be done. DL Moises, alright? This is, remember, what happens when you carry a bunch of older players sometimes, these trips to the DL.
  • Runners on 3rd with less than one out is proving to be a huge challenge for this team. Having a bunch of the wrong kind of hitters for that situation (Deivi Cruz, Pedro Feliz, I'm looking at you two), doesn't help. Extreme groundball hitters and impatient hackers are the type of hitter I'm griping about, and both Cruz and Feliz fit that mold. But then, so did Marquis Grissom, A.J. Pierzynski, and Alex Sanchez. Sabean seems to like those kinds of guys, I guess.

Hm, I find myself taken by the desire for Mexican food. I think I will take step to procure some.

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