Friday, August 19, 2005

Real Day Off

Okay, this is it. Short entry. Taking a day off from the site. Couple of tidbits, though...

I will be at the A's/Royals game at...whatever the heck they're calling the Coliseum these days. The "Net" was a decent nickname, but out that went, and now it's McAfee Coliseum. In any case, I'll be there with my Royals gear along with a wing and a prayer tonight and either Saturday or Sunday, I think (perhaps both, we'll see).

In any case, those of you familiar with me know what happened the last time I was at an A's/Royals game at the Coliseum. Two grand slams by John Buck and Abraham Nunez, respectively, I got a ball tossed to me by Joe Randa, and my ugly mug ended up on SportCenter for about 2.7 seconds.

This time I don't need all of that -- just the two grand slams will suffice, thank you.

I'm going to do my usual. I'm going to the game all by myself, and I'm going to buy the closest available ticket to the visitor's dugout on the 1st base side. We'll see what happens...I'd say wish me luck, but the Royals need all the latent good luck you might have on your person, so please -- wish it their way.

18 in a row and counting...

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