Thursday, August 11, 2005

That was cool.

Just wanted to have an entry to give some kudos to Kevin Correia, who gave us all a glimpse of what his ceiling is as a pitcher yesterday. Boy, that kid has some stuff. More control is needed, obviously, and he's just got to figure out a way to not give up home runs, but striking out eight batters against a competent, quality team can't be ignored.

Brad Hennessey's had some quality starts this year, but Correia is simply capable of doing more than Hennessey can -- the ability to stop a hitter from even putting the ball into play can't be overstated enough when figuring out how good a pitcher can be.

But, well, it's only one game. However, in this year of disappointment, I like to look for any silver linings in this dark cloud.


Aaron said...

Yeah, I posted on McCovey Chronicles during the game yesterday that the first time I saw him pitch in the bigs, I thought this kid has huge potential. His stuff is fantastic, and hopefully he can work with Rags, to become a more complete pitcher. We really need him in the rotation next year, so hopefully it doesn't take him long.

Daniel said...

Yes, Aaron, his upside is enough to make me think that he could be the next...Brett Tomko.

...okay, just kidding. Kind of. Okay, no I'm not. But I hope he'll be better than Tomko.